Why is sacred geometry ‘sacred’?

Look outside of the secular mathematics you were taught in school. Mankind, in looking at nature around him/her, can’t help but notice patterns in the way plants and flowers grow… the way birds fly… the proportions of the universe.. there are so many universal patterns and mathematical ratios that describe those natural designs which seem most pleasing to our aesthetics.
The principles which explain why plants don’t just sprout leaves everywhere apply equally to the dimensions one sees in a dragonfly. The same geometries are also found in music, light, and us. They must be sacred, as they show us that everything in our universe, including us, is aligned and shaped by the same principles. We recreate these ratios in churches, in stone henges, and in our own lives because they are designs which please us, build out interconnectedness with the universe, and help shape our understanding of human consciousness… and that’s pretty sacred 🙂

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