How do you work out your pricings?

I’m not trying to become an instant millionaire.. I just want to make dance and festival garments that can be enjoyed! So I just price things to make sure that I get a reasonable amount back to cover  my own time and creativity, as well as the costs I have incurred in making the product.

The cost to you reflects the price I buy the base item for, as well as how much I have to do to the garment to create the finished product. Some garments will be more complex than others in terms of the techniques I use to create them (for example, wax resist has three stages, while bleach dying has only one). Some designs will be more complex or larger, or require careful positioning on the garment. The time factor involved will increase the costs that complex designs are sold for.  And some garments will require more materials to make.
Sometimes, it is not possible to find suitable garments second hand (such as for specific custom orders) and this may mean that the purchase price for the base item will increase the total costs of the product.

For custom work, I will be upfront with you about likely costs at the time of negotiating the garment, design, and timings of delivery. There may be an indicative price range given if your bespoke creation is something which might be difficult or costly to find. Be assured, however, that I’m not trying to rip anyone off. I would be *chuffed* to see one of my designs on the dancefloor of the next doof or tribal bellydance event I go to!

🙂 Mia

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