Unique hand-crafted dance, doof and festival wear! 

SoleFeather produces hand crafted wearable art in the form of hoodies, tshirts, cami’s, leggings, vests and other accessories. The designs, inspired by sacred geometry, the graceful flow of mendhi, ancient yoga symbols and my own dance-inspired dreams, can be customised to reflect your style! Clothing is sourced primarily from second-hand shops and re-purposed and upcycled to create individual creations which are ethical as well as esthetic.

Hi, I’m Mia! I’m a 40+ year young dancer who has had to learn to fly again after some major life upheavals. I’m loving the freedom to dream, create, and participate further in all forms of dance again. I have always been crafty, making candles, jewellery, clothes, gadgets etc, and this has combined with my return to psytrance, tribal bellydance, and goa culture to inspire me to make dance and festival wear. I enjoy using a range of techniques like bleach painting, batik, tie-dye and strategic cutting, along with wicked UV dyes, el wire and other forms of lighting effects to create artisan-style works of art. Each SoleFeather item is a one-off design, hand-crafted by me with love.

The SoleFeather goal… is that your interactions with the SoleFeather brand should be easy, fun, and genuine. Every customer, whether you’re buying something from the site which has already been crafted, or ordering something customised for you, deserves to feel important and unique. I promise to respond to emails quickly, provide clear estimates of timelines, and answer any questions you might have honestly. Should a garment need to be returned, I promise to make that a simple process. My overall aim is to have happy customers with dance and festival wear on their bodies out there on the dance-floor!

Contact me… Feel free to contact me to see what I can create for you!

NEW!   I now have an Etsy page for SoleFeather homewares..